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Bringing Scandinavia to America


My story starts, as so many do when I was just a little girl who loved horses!

I started to take riding lessons when I was eight years old, working to earn my lessons, spending all my time in that place I love the most, the barn. After many years I finally got "my own" first lease horse when I was eighteen. I spent wonderful days taking my Scandinavian horse into the crystal clear waters and running along the sandy beaches of my homeland. From that point on there was no going back, I could not and still cannot imagine my life without horses.

Life takes you many places especially when you have a traveling heart as I do. 2018 I packed up my life in Norway and moved to the USA, Salt Lake City Utah.  It was hard to leave my home, my barn, and my horse but I was determined to make the best of my new life in the USA. I made some homework before I left Norway and found a barn that catch my interest, I made my visited two days up on arrival and immediately fell in love with the trainer, people, and horses. It has now been two years since I walked in, and now I am the Barn Manager for Tilley Show Stables in Bountiful Utah.

I have a degree as a Stylist and Visual Merchandising and am very passionate about style, fashion, and fabrics/materials. As a European horse girl, I already had a favorite brand - which I have been passionate about for a long time. They embody all I appreciate in a luxury brand: impeccable design, quality materials, skilled workmanship, and beautiful aesthetics. I had a dream that developed along with my love for horses, and I have never stopped working for it.

Now I can proudly present European Equine's full line of products from my home country and PS of Sweden.

Christine 🇳🇴

Owner and Exclusive Authorized Distributor of PS of Sweden in the USA