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PS of Sweden was founded by Karin Bjärle in 2013. In 2011, PS launched its first anatomical bridles and since then, the company has developed over 30 different bridle models among which the development continues. There will always be better items to create and we are driven to always think outside the box and see things from new perspectives. How can you make a good product better? How can you make a really good product unbeatable? Because how fantastic isn’t it when you get to experience the feeling of total harmony with your horse?

We didn’t stop at revolutionary bridles, but have also developed other anatomical equipment for the horse and amazing collections for the rider. With our anatomical saddle pads, we paved a new path back in 2015 when we launched saddle pads with our today iconic stop cushions, that enable the saddle pad to lay elegantly in place during the entire ride, while you avoid struggling with straps. Regarding breeches, Karin removed the saddle-seam and created modern breeches, on which the customer can have the same requirements regarding fit and function as she has on the favorite trousers in her business wardrobe at home. Today, many of the designs that we invented are standard in the equestrian field and PS continues to set new trends, push the equestrian fashion forward, and give riders all over the world the best products on the market.