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About PS of Sweden

About PS of Sweden

We have a humble take on life, but we are not afraid of being self-confident. We believe that we have the right and obligation to believe in ourselves. Because we do!

We are a creative and brave company, and we thrive on innovation. If we were a construction company, we would be building the tallest building in the world. We want to use our drive and give something back to the equestrian sport that we love and that has given us so much pleasure, fun and experience.

It all started fairly recent. We incorporated PS of Sweden AB in July of 2011, and since then so much has happened. Every product goes through a development phase of about 10 months on average. Every millimeter must be scrutinized, and even if the functionality is our top-most priority we never back down from our demands on design or quality.

We let things take the time they need, because we want the product to be the best there is. While developing our products we have also established a vast network all over the world. We constantly work hard to achieve our goal of having representation in all the great equestrian nations of the world.

What do we mean by not being afraid? Well, in our minds everything is very easy. We kick off a process, conduct trials and errors, we try again, we cry, laugh and scratch our heads over intercultural negotiation differences. But we never lose our drive, even when we face big challenges. We like working with high ambitions. We ignore it when we hear "no...", "oh...", and "but, are you really..." along our path. We have stopped listening to negative opinions from outsiders.

Right now we have put on our business sprinter shoes, and all we hear are our own voices telling us that we can!

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